Ride Overview

Coralie Baldrey has been offering exceptional dressage training to riders of all levels for the past ten years. In 2015, she teamed up with Monte Velho, a distinguished Lusitano breeding and premier guesthouse operator, to make this experience even better. As the head trainer at Monte Velho, she is the crux of the energetic and creative team of trainers that result in many people going back each year to continue their training. Riders find her established training model, and that which is the guideline for the entire training team who coach you, to embody an easy style of teaching with clearly communicated concepts. Combined with the well trained horses a week here allows riders to make large strides in their development upon their return home.

A graduate of the famed Cadre Noir in Saumur, France, Coralie has a talent for working collaboratively with both horse and rider to help bring out the innate talent of each. Under her tutelage, the client trainers Nuno Neves, Bernardo Neves and Lorena Souza specialize in reaching riders at any level and helping them advance their riding by better communication with their horses. The horses are pure bred Lusitanos and they are trained through Grand Prix level. As a breeding operation, Monte Velho has several internationally recognized competitive dressage horses and recently, were honored with the chance to cover some Andalusions, bringing the breed even more depth and talent.  On some weeks, guests may have the chance to observe Coralie training resident rider Joao Torrao, a member of the Portuguese Olympic Dressage team.

The Monte Velho stud farm, which is your base for the week, is located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, an easy car ride from Lisbon. Monte Velho Stud Farm is famous both nationally and internationally for their breeding program of Lusitano horses. It is a common sight to see many of their progeny in the highest circles of competition in both Europe, Brazil and elsewhere.

The accommodation dates back to the Roman era and has been carfully and luxuiously added on to over the years. The entire structure is designed for comfort, maintaining integrity to the local roots and to showcase the wonderful views of the countryside. You will find your room to be comfortable, clean and tranquil – a perfect place to hone your dressage skills and then relax when not riding. Additionally, all meals are made and served on premise.

Your riding each day is tailored to your personal goals. Additionally, depending on the program you choose, exciting and scenic trail rides in the countryside are also available.

Whichever program you choose, the trainers and their team of willing and fun Lusitanos will give you a vacation to remember for a lifetime.

2023 High Season:  April 2-July 1, Aug. 27-Oct. 28, Dec. 24-31
2023 Mid Season:  Feb. 26-April 1, July 2, Aug. 26, Oct. 29-Nov. 25
2023 Low Season:  Jan. 1-Feb. 25, Nov. 26-Dec. 23

Program I: Dressage Lessons and Trail Riding:
2023 High Season: $1,995.00 USD (Single Supplement:  $475.00 USD)
2023 Mid Season: $1,705.00 USD (Single Supplement: $290.00 USD)
2023 Low Season: $1,560.00 USD (Single Supplement: $190.00 USD)
This program features one dressage lesson in the morning and a 1.5 hour trail ride in the afternoon. It is designed for riders that feel comfortable at all paces.

Program II: Intensive Dressage Lessons:
2023 High Season: $2,305.00 USD (Single Supplement: $475.00 USD)
2023 Mid Season: $1,950.00 USD (Single Supplement: 290.00 USD)
2023 Low Season: $1,795.00 USD (Single Supplement: $190.00)
This program features two lessons in dressage: one in the morning and another in the afternoon. One afternoon lesson will be substituted by a trail ride. This program is designed for any level.

Program III: Dressage Light:
2023 High Season: $1,780.00 USD (Single Supplement: $475.00 USD)
2023 Mid Season: $1,525.00 USD (Single Supplement: $290.00 USD)
2023 Low Season: $1,375.00 USD (Single Supplement: $190.00 USD)
This program features one hour dressage lesson daily. It is designed for any level rider.

Program IV: Trail Riding:
2022/23 High Season: $1,655.00 USD (Single Supplement: $440.00 USD 2022, $475.00 USD 2023)
2022/23 Mid Season: $1,425.00 USD (Single Supplement: $290.00 USD)
2022/23 Low Season: $1,275.00 USD (Single Supplement: $185.00 USD 2022, $190.00 USD 2023)
Trail rides (2 per day) are conducted at a leisurely pace but there are places for ample trotting and cantering. Trail rides are conducted to the level of the lowest rider.

Rooms are all Premium grade, based on availability.

Non-Rider (must share a room):
2023 High Season:  $1,225.00 USD
2023 Mid Season: $1,075.00 USD
2023 Low Season: $925.00 USD


  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 5 days of riding
  • All meals
  • Wine with meals
  • Horse and all tack
  • Instruction/Guiding services
  • All local taxes

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Drinks outside of meals
  • Airport transfers to/from the farm
  • Gratuities at the end of your stay