May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep 7 or 4 Days Cody United States
7 or 4 days

Yellowstone – WY – Pop Up Ranch

Explore the area dubbed “the most scenic 50 miles in the U.S.” by Teddy Roosevelt during three or six-night stays at Blackwater Creek Ranch. Set along the banks of the scenic Shoshone River and Blackwater Creek, the ranch is just 15 miles...

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Mar - Apr - Jun - Jul - Oct 3 Days Inverness Scotland
3 days

Scotland Short Breaks

You've asked (and asked and then asked again) for us to give you short break options in the Highlands - OK! We get it - and are super thrilled to offer you the following options - Spring, Summer and Fall - you...

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Sep 7 Days Edinburgh Scotland
7 days

Scotland – Royal Mile Ride

Hold on to your breeches folks - THIS is a one week only - crazy special ride - we are leaping with joy to present it to you! Stay for 6 nights at the lovely Horseshoe Inn in the Borders of Scotland...

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Jun - Jul - Aug 7 Days Reykjavik Iceland
7 days

Kjölur Wilderness Route Ride

Varied Wilderness Up Close The Kjölur route is an ancient riding trail crossing Iceland´s uninhabited highlands, intimately associated with many dramatic events in Icelandic history. We visit the popular attractions of Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hot springs before heading to the interior...

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Jul 7 Days Reykjavik Iceland
7 days

Sprengisandur – Iceland Adventure Ride

Looking for a tour longer than a few days - this tour has your name all over it! We ride along the ancient Sprengisandur route that crosses Iceland, exploring some of the most fascinating and extreme contrasts of the Icelandic landscape. In...

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Feb - Mar - Oct - Nov 7 Days Seville Spain
7 days

Spain’s Heart of Andalusia Trail Ride

Andalusia is famous for its cultural richness, its environmental diversity and the open and friendly character of its inhabitants, but also for its magnificent Andalusian horses. The Andalusian horse is renowned for its versatility, it’s kind nature and tractability and it’s incomparable...

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