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7 days

Spain’s Dressage Training and Trail Ride

This is a dressage students’ dream – spend a week riding these warm, fun, energetic Andalusians and see why the PRE horse is rapidly climbing the competition ranks in the sport. Expressive in their movements but forgiving if you aren’t “perfect” in...

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May - Jun - Sep 8 Days Grenada Spain
8 days

Spain’s Hidden Trails of the Sierra Nevada

In the heart of Andalusia, you will discover the spectacular Sierra Nevada landscapes. Near Guadix, you ride through canyons that open up to vast desert plains that then trail off into verdant forests and meadows in the mountains. Discover quaint white villages...

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Mar - Apr - Oct - Nov 8 Days Sevilla Spain
8 days

Spain’s Sevilla Ride

With the discovery of America in 1492, Seville became the arrival and departure point for every expedition to the newly discovered continent. Amassing great wealth, palaces were built, new industries were created – all financed by American gold. Riding on the pilgrimage...

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Apr - May - Sep - Oct 8 Days Madrid Spain
8 days

Spain’s Segovia – History at a Canter

Ride and explore the villages and culture of the Castillian countryside, the largest area of Spain. Ideal for those looking for an active and fun ride. Made prominent by the wool trade and the New World, this area can claim many great...

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Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct 8 Days Madrid Spain
8 days

Spain’s Sierra of Gredos Ride

Riding in the Gredos Mountains combines the altitude of the mountains and the alpine valleys (around 4,950 ft.) and swimming in the refreshing and gurgling rivers and in the mountain gorges. This is an ideal riding week with full days of riding,...

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Mar - Apr - May - Sep - Oct - Nov 7 Days Barcelona Spain
7 days

Spain’s Mediterranean Pirate Trail

A spectacular ride on the coast with steep cliffs, hidden coves and lovely beaches – every day this trail leads you through rugged and legendary Costa Brava. The gilded age of piracy along the Costa Brava was between the 14th and 17th...

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