Ride Overview

Hold on to your breeches folks – THIS is a one week only – crazy special ride – we are leaping with joy to present it to you!

Stay for 6 nights at the lovely Horseshoe Inn in the Borders of Scotland – a sweet, cozy inn where we’ve booked out all 8 rooms just for our group! The rooms are super well appointed and comfy and the meals prepared onsite are just what you need before and after the amazing riding we have in store for you. ***6 bedrooms are king bedded – so 2 people would share a bed (if not a couple). 2 other bedrooms have twin beds.

Spend the first 4 days of your riding paired with a superb Sport Horse exploring this drop dead gorgeous countryside – it’s rolling hills, country lanes, beaches, and such incredible history…….you’ll ride every morning for a few hours and then after your lunch at the inn, have free afternoons to explore or relax.

BUT – on the 15th – you’ll have THE most incredible chance to enter into an event that is truly once in a lifetime!!!! You’ll ride that day in the Riding of Marches – right up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh!!!! This is SO amazing……with up to 300 horses and riders, bagpipe bands, spectators lining the way – and the truly iconic cobbled Royal Mile…..(formal attire required).

We just can’t believe we have this incredible program to offer you – it’s total Rock Star worthy!

Date: Sept. 10-16, 2024 (one week only – and there is no guarantee we can do this again in 2025…..so jump on this now)

Rate: $2,850.00 USD per person in a shared room (due to the limited nature, we are not able to offer single rooms)


  • 6 nights shared accommodation
  • 4 days of guided riding
  • 1 day Riding of the Marches on the Royal Mile
  • All meals
  • Horse and all Tack
  • Guiding Services
  • All local taxes

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transfers to/from the airport/train station
  • Daily transfers to the riding
  • Afternoon activities
  • Gratuities for the team at the end of your stay

Sample Itinerary - to give you an idea of the possibilities for 4 first days of daily riding.

After breakfast you’ll make (on your own) the short drive to the equestrian center, approximately 15 minutes down the road where you’ll find Susy and her fit and fun team of horses. During the week, you’ll be riding different horses which affords you the chance to really see how well trained, responsive and utterly sweet every single one is.

You’ll have a quick safety briefing and then it’s time to mount up! These horses are all very tall and solid, so perfectly fun for this varied ride! You’ll head off down the road and into the first of the forested rolling hills above the local village of Cardrona. After you’ve had a chance to get comfortable, the guide will afford you ample bursts of fun canters - and to feel the prowess of your equine partner.

Today's ride takes you to a different area of this lush countryside. Long trots and canters afford a great way to experience the fells, see some bucolic moors and marvel at the 360 degree views. Everyone talks about the Scottish Highlands but this area, with the common lands, is equally enchanting and vast - don’t be surprised if it bewitches you.

What’s it like to gallop up a vast hill - stop to catch your breath (and let your horse do the same), turn your head in every direction and see nothing but sheep dotted rolling hills that go on as far as the eye can see? It’s almost impossible to express in mere words how utterly vast this area is….

And when you think about the hundreds of years of history - people that have marched and ridden in the same spot you are now - people that have loved and created families on their centuries old estates and farms - you are riding through history in a way that few people ever will. And while this history is utterly gorgeous, it’s filled with stories of struggle, battles, failures as well as epic successes. Look around, take in the view, listen to the whisper of all the stories, listen to your horse's gentle breath, feel yourself connecting to this land, this culture, this life.

Here’s hoping the sun shines brightly for you again today - but even if you get a bit of liquid sunshine - the hues of the Borders are still remarkable. Today’s ride takes you through common land, down old country lanes that were once used for getting to market and past quaint village homes. It’s not hard to forget you are in the 21st century as everything you see and the trails you ride will cast you back to a quieter, more provincial time when these lands were controlled by the wealthy landowners and the staff all lived on the estates.

Now that you’ve had the chance to really get the feel for Susy’s horses, today’s ride takes you further afield - over to the coastline of Scotland! The John Muir Country Park awaits you and your horses love being there as much as you - the salt air, the breeze off the water, the verdant farmland - and the best of all - the wide open and endless beach! Riding on the beach is, and remains, not just an all time favorite of clients, but in the top 3 bucket list items for most riders - and if you’ve not experienced it before - you are in for a treat!

* Itinerary may be changed if necessary. This is an indicative description of the trails to be explored on your amazing week. Due to weather, footing or unforeseen circumstances, this itinerary is subject to change. Days listed are not necessarily in the order of riding during your stay and some days may not be available every week.