Sep - Oct 7 Days Paris France
7 days

France’s Loire Valley (C)

Ride back into French history - and spend 7 amazing days in and around the most famous castles of the Loire. Chambord, Beauregard, Cheverny, Blois, Chenonceau, Amboise… These wonderful Renaissance castles bring us into the very heart of French History. Your week...

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Apr 6 Days Lalinde France
6 days

France’s Perigord Castle Ride (Noir)

There are three itineraries for this amazing area of France - all are similar in terms of terrain and some history - but because the area is truly "THAT" rich with information, you'll love any of them!  This area is quite grand...

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Sep 7 Days Bayeux France
7 days

France’s Normandy and Mont Saint Michel Ride

This is one of our most epic horseback rides – the history is incredibly rich. It’s not just about the lovely, lush and peaceful landscapes of Normandy, it’s about the deep, poignant and historic events that occurred here and all along the...

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Jan - Feb - Mar - Oct - Nov - Dec 7 Days Marseille France
7 days

France’s Taste of Provence Ride

Provence is situated in the sun-blessed southeast corner of France, edged to the south by the Mediterranean. Formerly it was, to the French, a place of indolent country folk. To tourists, it was an idyllic spot, but one reserved for the rich...

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May - Oct 7 Days Marseille France
7 days

France’s Provence Wines Inn to Inn Ride

Fields of lavender and the wonderful smells of fresh rosemary, thyme and olive trees are just a few of the pleasures that await you each day on the wonderful ride. Riding Spanish Barb and Selle Francais horses, you will see this fertile...

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Aug 8 Days Paris France
8 days

France’s Perigord Castle Ride (Purple)

Pleasure for the eyes and the palate, this trail ride offers riders varied landscapes, villages, medieval villages and sumptuous castles. In the heart of the purple Perigord and the Couze valley, a warm welcome will be reserved for these few authentic days....

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