Ride Overview

This safari covers approximately 120 miles over the course of the week. You will enjoy exploring the differing topography of the area: open bush, wooded areas, wetlands, and strange rock formations home to large baobabs. Game is plentiful, so there is always something exciting to see! Long extended canters are a feature of the safari before ending each day at one of the beautiful welcoming camps.

The accommodation for the Tuli Safari is a mixture of luxury tented, basic wilderness camp and African traditional camp. Each camp is unique and makes the safari experience quite authentic and different.  The accommodation for the African Explorer Safari (our combination SA and Botswana program) is luxury tented campsites.

2024 Dates and Rates:  (based on a 7 night trip)
Tuli Safari Low Season:  Jan and Dec – $3,365.00
Tuli Safari Mid Season:  Feb and March – $3,985.00
Tuli Safari High Season:  April-Nov – $4,720.00

Single Supplement:  35% of weekly rate (High and Mid Season)
25% of weekly rate (Low Season)


  • 7 nights
  • 6 days of riding
  • All meals
  • Game drives
  • Bush walks
  • Laundry service
  • All local taxes

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Conservation levy of $30.00 per person
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuities for the team at the end of the stay
  • Transfers to/from the airport
  • Extra Game Drive - $65.00 USD per person

This is our classic and most popular safari - it is a seven night mobile safari, which covers approximately 120 miles over the course of the week. It runs from Sunday to Sunday year round and each day of riding ends at beautiful camps with welcoming walk in tents, full sized beds, fresh cotton linen and hot showers. The safari embraces fine dining in the wilderness and every evening is a delightful mix of good food and great company.

Day 1

Upon arrival you will be met by your guide and transferred to the reception area.

After a light lunch it’s time to head off to meet your horse for the week. You will embark on a short introductory ride to make sure that you and your horse are well suited and then enjoy a ride out to the static camp where supper will be served in the Llala palm dining room of the Two Mashatus camp.

Day 2

The day begins at sunrise with tea or coffee brought to your tent, followed by a light breakfast. Mount up and head off from the dense woodland along the Limpopo River towards the shallow rocky hills that mark the edges of the great river valley.

Your destination for night two is Majele River Camp, a rustic series of cabins atop the steep and shady banks of the Majele River. Here in the heart of the Mashatu area the game is plentiful.

The Tuli is home to one of the largest herds of free roaming elephant south of Zambezi and you are almost assured of great viewing of these incredible creatures.

After lunch and a siesta you will take a gentle guided walk to a nearby lookout spot known as “Majele Koppie”.

Dinner is enjoyed in the thatched lapa overlooking the river.

Day 3

An early wake up call heralds a new day today and your journey takes you through the heart of Mashatu to the ancient rock formations synonymous with the Limpopo Valley. Giant Baobabs silently surveying the land, as they have for centuries, ancient elephant trails stamped into the soil and wonderfully long canters around the open scrub await.

This ride brings you to the banks of the Motloutse River and amongst dense old Mashatu trees. A Leadwood Borma that we call “Kgotia” after the old tribal court that was once held in its enclosure is your destination.

The open air traditional African enclosure gives perfect security and you enjoy a wonderful night under the stars - a truly unique experience of the African bush up close and personal!

The afternoon activity today is a choice of a guided walk or ride to the “Amphitheatre”, an ancient and awesome rock formation. Your walk concludes with traditional sundowners looking out over the Motloutse River. Back at “The Kgotia” dinner is enjoyed around a large log fire and the night is spent in the comfort of your bed, set within the borma but with a ceiling provided by the southern skies, a blanket of stars to send you to sleep - an experience about as far away as you can get from city life in this modern world.

Day 4

Today you will choose - one option is to enjoy the chance to explore the amazing sandstone formations including the famed Solomon’s Wall. Some of the oldest civilizations in southern Africa had their settlements in this valley, their kings safely nestled in royal kraals at the tops of the these flat topped hills.

The Mapungubwe topography is ancient and timeless and combined with great wildlife sightings. It is certainly an incredible riding experience.

Alternatively, the group may prefer a long morning ride and an afternoon excursion to the nearby village of Lentswe Le Moriti and the basket weavers, followed by a trip to the Mmamagwa hills.

At the end of a short easy climb ans beneath a beautiful Baobab you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Tuli area with South Africa to the south, Zimbabwe to the north and Botswana around you - this is a sundowner drink rest that you will remember for many years to come!

Day 5

You leave camp early after a hearty breakfast - a good start for what is probably your longest day of riding. Winding your way through the Mopane bush, with the chance of sighting elephant, you will make your way to the rich plains area close to the Limpopo River. Liana Camp is snugly nestled amongst giant Mashatu trees that line the Liana lagoon, a tributary to the Limpopo River.

To ease any aches we use the afternoon for a game drive that takes you deep into the reserve in search of the big cats the area is renowned for including leopard, cheetah and lion.

Day 6

The ride today meanders its way through the beautiful plains between the Mojali and Majele Rivers. Abundent with game and with spectacular views into the Limipopo River Valley, you work your way back to your base camp, Two Mashtus.

With the feel of a returning explorer, you arrive back to Two Mashatus where you will have the chance to relax by the pool and enjoy the comfort of the permanent camp with its shady tents and ensuite bathrooms.

This afternoon, you will ride to one of the nearby koppies for a sundowner drink.

Day 7

Today’s riding promises great game viewing from horseback as you explore the Pitsane River Valley. The Pitsane has a spring high in the hills which provides regular drinking holes along its course to draw thirsty herds of game. It’s also an area where history has it that there was a skirmish during the Boer war which destroyed Bryce’s store, an old British supply post.

There used to be a stagecoach line called Zeederberg’s that ran from the towns of the Tranvaal in South Africa to the newly forged settlements of Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Those coaches crossed the broad Limpopo and followed the Pitsane River, crossing into Zimbabwe.

You will return to camp in time for lunch and a cooling swim in the pool. In the afternoon you have the option of a bush walk or another ride for your last African sundowner.

Day 8

Your last ride in the Limpopo Valley is a great opportunity to snap one last photo of elephants and enjoy a long winding canter though the scattered Mustard bush with your guides.

Arriving back at the stables with plenty of time to enjoy a hot shower and a tasty bruc you get to say farewell to the safari companion and new found friends - it’s time for your onward journey.

* Please be aware that due to changes in weather and other unforeseen events the itinerary may be changed at the last minute.