Horse Riding Vacations in Argentina

Welcome to Argentina, a land of great wine and horses, born and built on horseback. The next three rides invite you to enjoy the uniqueness of this country.


Argentina:   a land of horses, born and built on horseback. Come and enjoy the uniqueness of this country.  The Argentine Pampas are the heartland of this bucolic country.  Located in easy proximity to Buenos Aires, they are the perfect destination for someone with a few days or a week to spare. There is no better […]

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*** Featured in The Chronicle Connection! *** A fun and exotic adventure for riders of all ages.  While the roar of freedom was still heard in France and U.S., its echo rolled into South America… patriotic voices with gigantic dreams coordinated their actions to put an end to 350 years of monarchic domination and open […]

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Welcome to Argentina, a land of horses. These are ancient Inca trails. It is the ideal setting for an unforgettable trip. You will explore places you can only reach on horseback. The area has impressive landscapes and diversity of climates. From the tropical forests with crystal clear streams in the Lerma Valley, to the Calchaquí desert […]

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Ride in and around Mount Aconcagua the biggest mountain in America with a peak at 6,962m (23,200 ft.).   Riding at 10 000 ft, through small trails, past unspoiled valleys and colorful creeks… It is in these uninhabited places, that are only accessible on horseback, where huge herds of guanacos roam freely and the Andean condor nests. […]

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