Ride Overview

Ride in and around Mount Aconcagua the largest mountain in America with a peak at 6,962m (23,200 ft.). Riding at 10 000 ft, through small trails, past unspoiled valleys and colorful creeks… It is in these uninhabited places, that are only accessible on horseback, where huge herds of guanacos roam freely and the Andean condor nests.

Ride where history was written – In 1817, the Los Andes Army crossed through this exact spot. They moved on from Argentina to liberate Chile from the Spanish Conquistadors and you will have a glimpse of the titanic efforts the Fathers of Independence had to overcome.

Your last day will be purely gourmet: wine making and tasting and a superb lunch. You will visit Luján de Cuyo, an area now known worldwide for producing several of Argentina’s best wines, including Malbec.

2023:  Not on offer.


  • 5 nights lodge accommodation
  • All meals
  • English speaking guide
  • Horse and all tack
  • Saddlebags
  • Luggage transfers
  • Camping equipment
  • Local airport transfers at pre set time

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • International Airport Transfers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuities for the team at the end of the stay

Day 1

Transfer from the Mendoza airport to the Uspallata villa located in the middle of the Andes Mountains and within view of the majestic Mount Aconcagua.

Day 2

You will be transported to Chacay, the backbone of the Andes to meet your horse before saddling up and riding to La Gloria.
Your horse will carry you up 3,000 meters or 9,900 feet for a breathtaking view of the Uspallata Valley.

Day 3

After breakfast, you will be transported to the Tiger Range.
On horseback, you will enjoy a lovely morning ride along the Ranchillos Creek to Cueva de la Bruja (Witch Cave) and upon reaching the Cave, you’ll have a nice stop for lunch.
Afterwards, you will search the massive rock wall for nesting condors. The hard sand along the dry river beds provides a wonderful opportunity to freely canter your horse.

Day 4

Today, you and your horse will trek along the unspoiled trail through Quebrada de Santa Helena towards Agua de la Cueva. This is the same trail used in 1817 by the army to free Chile from the Spaniards. Your destination point provides majestic views of the Aconcagua. The range consists of 6,962 mountains and the highest peak in America at 21,000 feet.
After exploring the tunnels of the abandoned Rivadavia mine, you will enjoy an authentic Argentine barbecue.

Day 5

After breakfast, you will ride through the Pampa de Canota to Upsallata. You will be able to gallop your horse back to town before you bid your horse farewell.

Day 6

A day to rest, eat and taste wine.
You will visit Lujan de Cuyou known worldwide for producing several of Argentina’s best wines and home to the famous Club Tapiz boutique winery.
Afterwards, transfer to the Mendoza airport. Depending on your departure, you may need to spend a night in Buenos Aires.