From our email newsletter published Dec. 24, 2018

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season.

It’s a privilege each year to have one chance to write to you directly – with no “special offer” or no new trip with which to try and tempt your wanderlust. One of my favorite times of the year is now – when I have the chance to work a little bit less, relax with family and look to social media to celebrate you doing the same. That you open your lives, homes and experiences to share them with me is a gift better than any.

That we, near each other or far, can celebrate, cry, laugh, rant and encourage each other is what really makes me happy in my soul. You know, that deep down part, the part that sustains me when life is rocky in my world. And your words, emails, texts and willingness to call, chime in or chat are what make this job and this company the BEST “job” I’ve ever had.

You’ve shared time with my family 🙂

The holidays are fickle, no? Some of us are celebrating with new family members this year. Others are celebrating without some, so it can be a bit bittersweet.

I hope that no matter which is your lot, you are able to hold those amazing, sweet and wonderful memories close. And keep speaking the names and telling the stories of those not here – it keeps them ever present in your midst.

We had the (very) lucky chance to take a 2 week trip with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law to Italy. It was beyond fun – we laughed, we ate, we drank, we cried, we celebrated the chance to be together. And while we lost my parents beloved dog Dalia during our trip (unexpected), we did what families do and hugged, posted photos and raised more than a few glasses in her honor.


I love that some of you have new equine partners this year. And my heart breaks for those of you that lost dear ones. How truly blessed we are that they offer themselves to us and show us such amazing adventures. May it be many more for Cinemax and I as well as for you!

For those that I’m friends with on Facebook and also on Instagram – you know how much Mickey entertains us – he’s a goof, runs like the wind, has two speeds (on and off) and is sweet beyond. We feel lucky to have found him, though as is often the case with a rescue – we can’t quite determine if we rescued him or if he rescued us. He’s a blessing.

And if we aren’t connected on Social Media – please let’s get that fixed ASAP (see the links below)!

All of my very best to you and here’s to 2019 🙂