[Cinemax – As featured in The Chronicle of the Horse annual Holiday Pets Gallery
Photo Credit: Capturing Moments by Carol Pedersen]

Wishing you and your families (all of them) a peaceful season and magical New Year.

I have quite a few friends that subscribe to the idea of choosing a word to be the theme for their upcoming year – a different take on a New Year’s resolution. And while I think this is a totally cool idea, my typical day thwarts that almost from the outset.

They often start out so well – I get up early, work out, check email and connect with my partners in Europe, maybe do a partial load of laundry, shower, grab a quick bite and some coffee and head out the door by 7:30AM.

And then I find that the car is low on gas (because I was too behind yesterday to fill it up), and I don’t have the time to stop (but I have to) because I have a conference call at 8AM and it takes me 25 minutes to get to the office.

My days are I’m sure like yours. They are strategically structured to get all I have to do, “done”, and done in time for me to get to the barn no later than 6PM so that I can get home by 7:30 or 8PM so Will and I can at least have a small meal together before collapsing into bed.

So picking a “word” and trying to focus on it – well – I’m lucky to remember to grab some extra salad at the store on the way home if we are having grilled chicken over salad for dinner. I’d lose my word in a matter of minutes, much less days.

But I like this idea. So I’ve chosen to do it in reverse (go figure). In thinking about 2017, I’m overwhelmed at some of the experiences that made my year. And in relaxing and reflecting, my word for 2017 is THANKFULNESS. Specifically, I’m thankful for:

Healthy parents and in laws – ranging in age from 78-86 between the four of them, every day is a gift. That they are all healthy and active – that’s just more than I can adequately put into words.

An amazing partner in crime in Will – any man that doesn’t ask too many questions and encourages me to travel (without him on these fantastic trips), ride more, chase my dreams and the best of all – thinks that my

Will and Stacey
Bordeaux 2017

Stacey and Will – we finally had a church service – 2 years later! Barn clothes that smell like horse have a nice smell – he’s a true amazement to me. And he makes me laugh, a lot 🙂

Adding Mickey to our family – our crazy, funny, cute, can’t seem to run enough ever – lab cross, to the mix. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh out loud.

And if you and I are friends on Facebook, you’ve seen the videos of him which I post regularly – he’s a hoot! (If we aren’t friends on Facebook, friend me (or tell me how to friend you) – Stacey Adams, Stanfordville, NY).

Having the regular opportunity to ride Cinemax on some of the most gorgeous terrain in the USA – and it’s not that I’m partial because I live here – this is what keeps me living here in NY, the trails and views are breathtaking.

Being connected to many of you on Facebook (here’s me: Stacey Adams on Facebook) or on Instagram or on Twitter. Or even when we connect by phone and by email – your dreams, your successes, your challenges, your setbacks – all of it is such a blessing – and it makes my heart so wonderfully full!

Spending a truly over the top week riding with a group of AMAZING women on our Bordeaux Wine Ride in May– girls – we had such a blast!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

For the women that are riding with me in 2018 in Portugal – here and here in March, and then those going with me to British Columbia in June (I have 2 spaces left….) Whoo hooo! Can’t wait to spend a great time with you 😀

In that same thread – so thankful for those of you that already have me signed up for Scotland in 2019 – if anyone else wants to join in, email me! (and here’s a sneak peek – I’m also planning a trip to South Africa in the early part of 2019 – any takers?)

I’ve also lost a couple of friends this year, they’ve graduated to all the great rides that come after this life. But the deepness of the sorrow is equal to the incredible impact and the volume of love I had for them. I’m ever thankful they were a part of my life (and will always be so).

And not at all the least of this list, thank you to each of you. Thank you for trusting us to provide a wonderful experience, for traveling this year or in other years, but most of all, for staying connected. You are what make me smile every single day as I think about our connections.

Whatever you are doing this holiday season – whether you are at home, have traveled home or are far away from home – I wish you a peaceful and lovely season. Hug the ones you are with, step back and take a mental photo of the moments so you can recall them in the future. Smile more, at everyone you see, sometimes that’s all a person needs in this chaotic time. Sit and look at some holiday lights with a nice beverage of choice, you’ve earned it. Sing at least one carol – even if it’s only to the radio in your car.
And know how much you matter to me and an entire host of others, some of whom you may not even realize.

All of my very best now and always. And my eternal thanks for sharing your lives and being a part of mine.