No worries – that’s fairly easy! But you can rest easy as before we book you on any of the riding trips, we’ll have a nice chat with you to discuss all of this and ensure you are picking the right trip for you. But in a nutshell, here’s how we look at it:

Beginner: You are entirely new to riding or just beginning your journey with horses. You have no or very little experience working with or around horses and have ridden little if none. But don’t worry! We’ll have you acquainted, familiar and mounted in no time. The best trips for you are any of our lesson programs – they cater to all ages and all ability levels.

Intermediate: You have more experience with or around horses. You’ve ridden presently or in the past and are confident at the walk and trot and canter on a steady horse or some extended faster cantering on easier terrain. Most of our rides are yours for enjoying – as they have at minimum 50% walking and 50% trotting/cantering.

Advanced: You are an experienced horse person, are comfortable and confident around horses and all aspects of tacking/untacking as necessary as well as all riding at gaits including long and fast canters and even some galloping. Some of our advanced rides may include optional jumps along the way. The best rides for you are the safaris, the ones with longer days in the saddle or the ones with the most varied terrain, such as Scotland, etc.