What a question!?! But all kidding aside – here’s the “deal” on both sides of that question. Starting with the upper range – it’s more a question of fitness and health than of “the number”. Our founder Stacey always cites one of her longtime clients and friends who is 73 and can still mount from the ground (when Stacey cannot). So let’s not focus on the number itself – again, shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll recommend the trips that would best strike your fancy! On the lower range – that’s a bit more tricky. Kids, and especially those that have grown up riding are fit – and fearless! (Oh to be them or channel some of the courage they don’t even know they have!) Our youth camp programs are tailored just for them and for all abilities. But let’s say you want to take your child/niece/nephew/special young person on a ride – many of our rides can accommodate kids from 12 and up, and some from 8 and up – it’s really all based on ability and stamina – because don’t forget, the pace of the ride is determined by the weakest/slowest rider. So again, reach out by phone or email and let us get some ideas coming your way for some great memory making rides!