ireland_galway_06The Irish are long known for their expertise and knowledge of all things “horse”.  This trip offers you one of the longtime favorite trail rides in Ireland, featuring a wide variety of Irish landscape and the best variety to be found.

Nestled in the foothills of the Slieve Aughty Mountains, your wonderful Irish Sport Horse or Cob will take you on a fun and adventurous ride through the quintessential parts of Ireland.  Your first few days will explore some of the dense forest land and lochs of western Ireland, including views of Holy Island.  As you continue through the sheep spotted farmland, neatly parceled out with low stone walls, you’ll have the chance to see ancient Celtic tombs called dolmans as well as ancient Celtic ring forts.

Passing through charming Irish villages, you will be introduced to wonderful Irish jigs as well as the chance to enjoy a rest and a pint of your preference.  Your ride culminates at the majestic Cliffs of Moher on the west coast.  Truly a marvel, it is breathtaking to stand at the top of the cliffs, looking back toward America, and watch the waves breaking 600 ft. below you as the sun dips beyond the horizon.

*** We offer 3 versions of this ride: 7 night, 5 night, and a stationary ride.

7 Night Inn to Inn Version:
2018 Dates
: March 31 through September 29 (Saturday to Saturday) – all departures are 7 nights
High Season Rate
: $1,620.00 USD (Single Supplement: $165.00 USD) – June, July, August
Regular Season Rate
: $1,495.00 USD (Single Supplement: $165.00 USD) – March, April, May, September
Non-Rider: $725.00 USD

5 Night Inn to Inn Version:
2018 Dates: March 31 1 through September 27 (Saturday to Thursday) – all departures are 5 nights
Rate: $1,055.00
USD (Single Supplement: $140.00 USD)

Daily Riding: (4 hours riding & lunch snack )
2018 Dates: March 31 through October 7
Rate: $165.00

Stationary Ride Version:
Every week of the year – Saturday to Saturday
$1,115.00 USD (Single Supplement: $155.00 USD)

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What a great trip we had! Was a little sore first two days,but after that… all was great for us..  Laurie got to ride her dream horse..his name was McCool, still had his handlebar mustache.. funniest thing.. I had a huge Irish Draft named Aron.. she was a typical mare, really  had to control her.. she ruled all the horses in our group of 5..  😉

Bertie and Nicola were great hosts.. Our two guides were always smiling and very  helpful! Just such a great trip! We bought a GoPro and got  us on video cantering across the lake, we are going to post it on YouTube as soon as we get time.. That was Laurie’s favorite day..

I definitely see another equestrian vacation in the future.. We will keep your contact info!

Thanks for setting up this trip. everything was perfection.

– Jordon and Laurie L.


This was my best vacation ever! More rigorous than I expected, but well worth it. Great horses, great people, great weather, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank you for playing a part in this adventure and I will definitely do another in the future.

– Monika M.

I just wanted to tell you how much I really enjoyed the ride. I had so much fun. The horses were awesome and the hospitality was fantastic. Bertie and Nicola were great hosts, and I could see that they made every effort to make everything run smoothly and efficiently. My husband went along on the trip as a non-rider, and Bertie and Nicola made sure he didn’t get lost and gave him site-seeing ideas while I was out riding. He had a great time. Bertie and Nicola have a great sense of humor, and we really enjoyed talking with them. This was the first time I had ever taken a horse riding vacation, and I had so much fun. The scenery changed everyday and there were views that I will never forget. Although riding through the lake was great, I think the views were my favorite. I remember trotting down the road and looking out at the most amazing landscapes. The horses were fantastic and there was enough excitement to keep the riding fun. Our group was great together I think, and I was especially appreciative of our guides. Sarah had other guides take photos of us with her camera and later shared them with us. So nice of her and thoughtful. I loved being able to groom and tack up your horse everyday. You really bond with your horse over the six days, and at the end I was really sad to bid him goodbye. It was definitely a trip I would recommend to anyone traveling to Ireland.

– Wendy Master

The trip was absolutely the best! Only two days of rain. The rest was sunshine and 6 – 8 hours of riding every day, and the food was delicious. I must tell you we nicknamed the van that Bertie drove to serve our lunches outdoors on the trail each day was nicknamed, “The Irish Chuck Wagon.” like on cattle drives in the Old West in USA! Except we had real silverware and china dishes. We were in a local pub on the 4th of July and our group convinced Nicole (who has a beautiful trained voice) to sing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Since the final day was pouring rain, myself and two other American women from our group from RI took an early bus to GalwayI regret we did not personally get to thank Nicola and Bertie that day and I will send them a email with pictures. That last evening we took a cab to the Cliffs of Moher – bright sunlight at 10 PM! You’ll see in the pics I sent how much fun we had. My only regret is I screwed up my back a week before we left and despite many last-minute visits to the chiropractor, I had to trot.canter, and yes, gallop in half-seat the whole time, bridging my reins and holding onto my Gypsy Vanner mare’s mane. Cantering in the shallow water of the Shannon River was priceless. Still being treated for back pain but I did not let this get in my way of a good time.

So I’m thinking about where we should go on our next riding trip…perhaps riding Lusitanos in Portugal?

Thank you so much! Stay in touch.

– Donna Rassulo

My trip to the An Sibin Riding Center was that PLUS. Because of the weather here on the east coast, I arrived at Shannon no problem but others were delayed, so Bertie dropped me off at the Bunratty Castle to tour while he went back to Shannon to pick up the others. My group was very international – 3 French and 2 Swedes and me. They spoke great English but some times we used hand/sign language and had many laughs!! The horses were great and suitable with the food and lodging awesome. Bertie said you had been to the riding center and he spoke very highly of you!!

We went to pubs and enjoyed the Irish music and they also arranged for us to go to the Cliffs of Moher which was sunny. Although we had some rain, It was sunny every day we stopped for lunch and Friday no rain at all. Even when it did rain, it was Ireland at it’s finest.

I can’t tell you enough how glad I am to have chosen this trip of a lifetime.

– Felicia Knowles

I’m guessing you may have heard this before, so at the risk of being redundant I will say: IT WAS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TRIP I HAVE EVER TAKEN IN MY LIFE!!! Ross and I are ready to go again.

You were right-on about everything we discussed. The horses were wonderful and the rides in the country were fantastic. Berte and Nicola are gracious and welcoming. Their home is incredibly beautiful and the gardens are breathtaking! They have this down to a science and never missed a beat organizing 8 people and horses 24/7. The amazing thing is they make everything look so effortless and easy which definitely made me feel relaxed and at ease. I got to ride Oliver and Ross rode Lafeen. We both fell in love with our horses. Oliver took such good care of me. It was funny how quickly I started to trust him. But he sure could canter and he loved to go fast.

The day we went across the lake was the highlight of the trip. Our guides, Kiki and Caroline, were charming, funny, safety conscious, and knowledgeable. They were always close by when I needed help. On the last day of our trip, Berte took Ross and I back to Ennis where we checked back into our hotel. So, yes, this was a dream vacation and thank you so much for encouraging us to go. Do you have any suggestions for a similar ride in a different country? I am already researching our next trip!

– Bonnie

This trip was GREAT! It was exactly what I was looking for: a wonderful combination of exciting riding and peaceful relaxation. The terrain was varied and interesting. One day we rode up a mountain and then rode through a bog on top of the mountain, which was cool (it was strange to see such deep water that high). By far the most fun day was when we rode through the lake. I’d never experienced anything quite like that and it’s something I definitely won’t forget!

The people were great as well, real icing on the cake! Our fellow guests were so nice and fascinating to talk to and our guides and hosts were welcoming and accommodating. Thank you so much for all of your help organizing. I think I’ve now been bitten by the international riding trip bug, so will definitely be contacting you to arrange more trips in the future!

Thanks again,
– Brooke Barta

Nicola and Bertie are exceptional hosts! Their many years of experience provide a seamless schedule that affords you the opportunity to truly relax and enjoy their OUTSTANDING horses and beautiful countryside. We were amazed at the immaculately clean (and wonderfully comfy) tack and daily blacksmith visits. They look after their horses with as much care as their guests and that makes for happy horses, thus happy riders. Nicola and Bertie’s hand-picked guides were a delight, catering to any need we had on the trail and always putting our safety first. I wish I could have brought my sweet mount Colleen home with me. I already miss her sweet eye and wonderfully smooth ride! The delicious food, comfortable accommodations, amazing rides and overall experience were an exceptional value for the price we paid for the trip. Thanks Stacey, Nicola and Bertie for a wonderfully fun and safe riding vacation.

– Holly Gauthier

You were right, the trip was AMAZING! Everything was perfectly coordinated. The accommodations were stellar & the renovated farmhouse is just so adorable. I also can’t say enough about the food @ the farmhouse, as all the meals were gourmet caliber & extremely fresh! Nicola did a great job pairing me with my horse & I had a great time as Coleen cantered through the pine tree forests, the turf fields, the lake & of course along the Atlantic! Each day was a perfect mix of scenery, history, walk, trot & canter. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Will definitely recommend to all my friends!
Thanks so much for all your help planning this trip,
– Melissa Gersin

This was an awesome, well-organized program! I would give it top ratings! The only thing I might recommend is a side trip to one of the castles. I took a day off riding and used the public transportation system to the Bunratty Castle and it was well worth the trip. Thanks for all of your help and I look forward to traveling again next year.

– Karen Norton

We had a great time in Ireland – beautiful scenery – great hospitality (Bertie and Nicola were very gracious hosts), great food – both Heather and I loved our horses (Jasper and Nina). There were 11 of us in total but we rode in two smaller groups, one slightly ahead of the other – great mixed of different ages and nationalities – German/Swedish/French/American/Canadian – we really had some good laughs. The day we crossed the lake was hot and sunny – that was a blast!!. A most memorable vacation in every way – we’re already thinking about where we can ride next.

Thank you again!
Glenda Wansborough

Thank you for all of your help with this trip! It was amazing. The company was great – there were 3 riders from Canada, 3 from the US, 3 from Germany and 2 from Sweden. My friend, Glenda and I hit it off with the US ladies.

The pace was quite surprising! On the Sunday when we went for our first trot – it was a total forward trot – really fast. I was in shock! I figured it out and then the guide said, “Are we ready to do the canter?” The horses speak amazing English! By the time that the guide starts to say ‘tr…” or “cant…” they were gone! So for the first “canter” (gallop!) – I lost a stirrup, but luckily, I was able to pull my guy back to a trot to get myself under control again. Thank goodness, I thought it was funny.

We ended up in hysterics at dinner on the Sunday night with the US girls, talking about the “canter”! We were joking saying that we could save time tacking up in the am as we didn’t need bridles – the horses spoke English so well.

I was totally amazed at how Bertie and Nicola managed the logistics. We had 11 riders plus guides and every morning went smoothly. The food was great, the accommodations were comfortable and the horses were charming. Once you got used to the pace, it was great.

We are actually talking about doing another riding vacation with our new US friends. We were thinking, Scotland, Spain or Italy. What would you suggest? I don’t know how we would top this trip. The countryside was also amazing – as well as the weather – it was 18-21 every day and it only rained twice lightly. We actually got sun burned – in Ireland!!

Thank you for your help in booking a wonderful trip. Happy to be a reference!

– Heather Miranda

What can I tell you – the trip was almost perfect (not too perfect as I lost my phone on the return trip) but minor detail. Nicola and Bertie and their team was great. Food was excellent, they were very accommodating with food. The horses were great! I loved the mare I was riding. Our guides were great and only one day of rain, but other than that, it was a fabulous trip.

I hope to do this again somewhere else in due time! Thanks again!

– Gaby Carson

This was an experience of a lifetime and sharing the experience with my daughter, granddaughter and friends made it even better.

We loved the restored old home that was converted into a rustic and comfortable inn. The grounds were lovingly enhanced with beautiful flowers and landscaping features. Our rooms were comfortable and pleasant. Our hosts were gracious and willing to spend time with us with lots of stories. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The meals were always very good. My daughter has a gluten allergy and they always offered her gluten-free options. Then even made gluten-free bread especially for her that tasted like “real’ wheat bread – this is a very difficult feat.

Clearly they love their horses and have made great effort to ensure the comfort and health of their animals. The pairing the horse and riders was done appropriately. The route planned for us was varied with interesting vistas and experiences. Each day of riding was an all-encompassing environment of history lessons, fun with your horse, new sights and sounds – love the dialects.

I enjoyed the lead rider who told us stories about the area through which we were riding, kept us safe and made us laugh. The end rider was also delightful and concerned with our safety.

I enjoyed the two villages in which we had rooms the last three days. This allowed us to know a little of the village life. Again the accommodations were very comfortable. The old hotel where we stayed for the last two nights had a faded glory about it, including the large and luxurious bathroom, and the staff was very professional. This hotel was a window into an earlier time when our simple horse-riding crew would have been insufficiently important to be guests. So I felt this sense of history with the touch of luxury.

Though I have covered many facets of the trip, I must stress that the horse-back riding was the highlight.

Sharon Gentry

The ride was wonderful – after seeing similar areas of Ireland from a car in 2008, nothing compares to the up-close of riding through that beautiful landscape. The horses were incredible – extremely well cared for, with excellent manners, sensitive to the leg, and sound minds and bodies! I’m proud to say I did my first gallops on an Irish Cob! At the same time – safety was number-one and our guides were always checking our girths, giving us fair warning of an upcoming faster gait, etc! Bertie and Nicola have the logistics of that trip down to a science, and there the food at their place was incredible too! In short – loved it!

Thanks for everything, Stacey – it was a blast!

– Adrienne Jones