Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec 3 or 6 Days Lima Peru
3 or 6 days

Peru’s Vinak Family Retreat

Forget Disneyland and Epcot – take the family to a great cultural destination with plenty of activity for riders, nonriders and kids. Your trip begins with a city tour of Lima and an introduction to the Peruvian culture. The next morning you...

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Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov 7 Days Cusco Peru
7 days

Peru’s Machu Picchu Ride

“This trip changed my life!” – that’s what most clients say. You will ride on an ancient Inca trail, only accessible on foot or by horseback. Seeing the plains and high mountains offers you not only a firsthand experience with the lovely...

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Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec 1-15 Days Mexico City Mexico
1-15 days

Mexico’s Luxury Ranch Range Ride

Looking for a less structured riding program, or don’t have a full week to spare? This is one of the only facilities that is able to offer daily accommodation and riding – to suit every riding level - and it's SUPER fun!...

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Jan - Feb - Mar - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Dec Any Days Nairobi Kenya
Any days

Kenya’s Nomad Safari Ride

Ride like you are in “Out of Africa” with magic that is only found on the plains and in the foothills of the Serengeti. One of the most special rides offered and the epitome of the best of an African safari with...

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Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct 7 Days Rome or Florence Italy
7 days

Italy’s Tuscany Villa Ride

The rolling hills of Tuscany tell the story of the Medici family and the local village folk. The family crest can be found in every village and on the many Roman roads that meander through the countryside. This is the gentle land...

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Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Sep - Oct 7 or 8 Days Rome or Florence Italy
7 or 8 days

Italy’s Tuscany Inn to Inn Ride

In the heart of Tuscany; a colorful region between mountains, valleys, hills and forests, you will discover the ridges of the Sienna Mountains or “Sienna’s costum” which were, until the year 1800, the border between the great duchy of Tuscany and the...

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