Wyoming's Wide Open Spaces and Wild Mustang RideHorseback riding over vast open plains and up steep paths to enjoy commanding views for miles in all directions – if this is what your dream vacation looks like – this is the the perfect trip for you. Add in a dose of seeing wild mustangs in their natural environment and this week of riding will become one you’ll never forget!



2017 Dates and Rates: Several options as follows:

Girl’s Only Ride: June 21-27, Aug. 4-10, Aug. 14-20
$2,600.00 USD Per Person.  Single Supplement not available.

Mustang Adventure Ride: July 1-7, July 11-17, Aug. 24-30
$2,900.00 USD Per Person.  Single Supplement not available.

Mixed Group Weeks:  July 21-27, Sept. 3-9
$2,600.00 USD per person.  Single Supplement not available.