Vermont's Icelandic RideAs if Vermont needed to give folks another reason to come and enjoy the Green Mountain State in all of its beauty – but there truly is yet an even better reason!  For those that already love riding gaited horses or for those that have yet to see what it’s all about – this is a gem of a riding vacation!

Daily rides include long dirt tracks and roads, dense forested woodlands and the chance to ride through lush pastured vistas with spectacular views of the area all on wonderful Icelandic horses.  The gentle partners are fun, athletic and give you a super introduction (or remind you) of why folks flock to gaited horses.  There is ample opportunity to enjoy the magical and smooth tolt, a four beat running walk that is so smooth you almost forget you are riding!  And these hearty horses will happily carry you for miles in all directions while you get to know the area.

Accommodations are in the well appointed and comfortable Mad River Inn which serves a hearty and tasty three course breakfast daily.  Rides vary in length to suit all schedules.

Dates:   May 1 to November 1  and includes riding, accommodation, meals and all tax.
(Foliage Season surcharge from mid Sept. to mid Oct.)

Rates:  5 Night/5 Day (Sunday to Friday): $1,695.00 USD per person
(Foliage surcharge of $110.00 USD)

4 Night/4 Day (Sunday to Thursday): $1,350.00 USD per person
(Foliage surcharge of $110.00 USD)

3 Night/3 Day (Sunday to Wednesday): $1.007.00 USD per person
(Foliage surcharge of $110.00 USD)

Weekend – Friday to Sunday: $715.00 USD per person
(Foliage surcharge of $27.00 USD)

Single Supplement:  $80.00 USD per day ($90.00 USD in foliage season)
Non Rider:  $110.00 USD per day

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