Our ride in Colorado is truly a unique ride and one that you won’t find anywhere else. Located in the Sangre De Cristo mountains of southern Colorado, your base for the week is a private family owned ranch situated on 36,000 acres (private) of preserved wilderness and is surrounded by an additional 500,000 acres of private and publically conserved lands.

The ranch was part of a private tract of land known as the Maxwell Land Grant, one of the largest pieces of land in the United States to never have been managed by the U.S. government. The land was granted by the Mexican government to a private individual, and has been held privately ever since. Now the land is home to large herds of wild animals including elk and Bighorn sheep.

The Ranch is an easy drive from either Denver (4 hours), Albuquerque (4 hours) or Colorado Springs (3 hours) and sits at an elevation is 8,100 feet. The mountain peaks on the ranch reach to just below 14,000 feet and many have patches of snow year round.

Mid-summer weather is mild in the valley bottoms so the days of riding and exploring the land on nearly 100 miles of maintained trails and primitive roads are lovely – but be prepared – snow and hail can be experienced any month in the high-country. During the week, you’ll ride some of the best guest horses you’ll find anywhere. They are carefully bred to produce the ideal “mountain horse”, sure-footed enough to handle the mountain trails with ease and grace, steady enough to care for a nervous greenhorn, and athletic and responsive enough to delight a discerning expert.

Colts are trained with gentle thoroughness not only to climb mountains, but in all the “ranch versatility” disciplines of arena and cattle work, so the horses can accommodate a vast range of rider ability and interest. And the wranglers will help hone your skills and expand your horizons in entertaining and inspiring ways.

In addition to riding, four year-round tributaries of the Purgatoire River begin on the ranch and there are several high-country lakes, all of which are favorite destinations for riding, hiking, jeeping and fishing.

Dates:  May-October weekly – Sunday to Saturday
Rate:  $2,400.00 per person  **Note:  each room has a sink and 2-3 rooms share a separate bath.  There is no room service provided however clean linens are always available.

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