New York’s BHS Approved Training in the Hudson ValleyHorse riding is an ancient art with classical origins the principles of which remain as relevant today as in ancient times. The team at Cedar Crest is highly skilled at conveying the skills which have been developed over centuries to a new generation of riders, in a safe, informative and progressive fashion.

After a week of training with them, their in-depth, holistic approach ensures that you not only reach a deeper understanding of equestrianism, but that you go home with solid tools and a framework with which to keep building.

The main tenets of the Cedar Crest model were developed through many years of experience gained at well-known facilities in Ireland, the U.K. and the United States. They maintain their approach by ensuring that staff, horses, facility and training adhere to a high standard of quality.

The knowledgeable BHS-certified staff support the development of riders of all standards in a professional yet friendly environment. Structured and progressive lessons are designed to ensure that all riders make rapid progress towards their chosen goals. You mounts for the week are from a cache of talented sport horses, most of which have been imported from Ireland and the U.K., and are of a quality that clients seldom have the opportunity to experience elsewhere.

The program consists of a 4-night package in the onsite self-catering accommodation, featuring 2 riding lessons and a horse care lecture daily.

Dates: Weekly, arrive Monday, depart Friday.
Private lessons, Single room: $1,350.00 USD per person
Private lessons, Shared room: $1,115.00 USD per person
Semi-private lessons, Shared room: $990.00 USD
Non-riding guest, sharing room: $120.00 USD

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“WOW.” My week at Cedar Crest Farm was above and beyond all expectations. Paul Lindsay, Wendy Brooke, Ruth and Pam skillfully put a program together from their broad BHS base of classical knowledge. I felt they had a clear vision of how to take my ability and refine it. I was comfortable (lots of laughing), however very grateful for their perseverance.

Horses – gorgeous, peak condition, beautifully schooled. Lovely, quality horses, much loved with giant personalities.

The living quarters were surprisingly, far more than needed, a very easy fit. Furthermore, I have yet to mention, Cedar Crest is centered in a equine mecca, where acres of lush, green rolling hills meet winding roads and quiet villages of the “old” New York.

In conclusion, this was the perfect atmosphere for me to relax, breathe, learn, hone skills and enhance my riding experience . My many thanks and my best to all at Cedar Crest, that means you too, Sparky.

– Kate Sillari

This trip has been amazing! I feel that I have learned a lot. I’ve also gained a lot of confidence in my riding. I had gotten into sort of a rut back home. I love my trainer at home but I had become stagnant in my riding. I can now go home with new knowledge and confidence. I am not looking forward to tomorrow being my last day here. Will definitely save up to do this again.

Thank you for all your help. You have been amazing.
-Tica Pallidine

I wanted to write to you to tell you what a first class experience I had at Cedar Crest. Paul (and Wendy) completely reorganized my thinking and riding habits all the way around to where they should be. I’m considering purchasing a horse (or two…if possible) from Paul but am having trouble deciding which one(s) because they’re all spectacular.

Paul is one in a million in the oftentimes dicey world of horses that is trustworthy, humble and brilliant at once. He is such a man to respect. If I lived closer to his Farm I’d be there all the time.

I hope that you continue to get your clients to go there…such a fine way to (re-) start riding on a better level.

I’ll be back to you for my next adventure!

With warm regards,
M. Magee