horseback riding in Costa Rica

The Pacific beaches are among the best in Costa Rica. There is plenty to see and a host of natural wonders everywhere you turn. Brilliantly colored turquoise green iguanas appear to be everywhere, sitting silently in rows, observing you as boldly as you observe them. Among the birds most commonly spotted here are macaws, toucans and guans. Squirrel, howler, white-faced and spider monkeys are often seen and always heard in the canopy each day.

Costa Rica is home to five species of sea turtle and they are more easily viewed here than anywhere else in the world. They nest at several well known beaches and you may see one of the most amazing spectacles in the animal kingdom: the laying of the eggs in the sand nests or the birthing of and fledgling first steps of the babies as they hatch.

Rich in biodiversity and in hospitality, Costa Rica offers the perfect combination of natural wonders, incredible and abundant wildlife and some of the most open and inviting beaches for long canters in the sea spray.

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