Mexico’s Colores de Mexico Trail RideThis 12 night ride is designed to offer folks the chance to have long and fast canters through open flat land, while also giving them the chance to see other terrain as the days progress.

It’s designed to have you exploring the varied and fertile landscape within both a short distance from the ranch as well as further afield.  Additionally, tours of some of the local sites are included to give you the full, rich flavor of this area.

The days are fun and active with about 5 hours of daily riding at a moderate pace – approximately 50% walking and 50% cantering and this ride is suitable for folks that are confident at all gaits on the trail but want a nice, more relaxed ride with varied days.

Dates: Every month on the 2nd Sunday, other dates upon request
Rates: $3,750.00 USD per person (Single Supplement: 20% of trip price)

Note:  There is a 20% surcharge for Easter, Christmas and New Year’s dates.

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After arriving, the driver Max whisked me 1 hour away to the ranch. So much more than I expected in all ways: the look of the ranch, the inner courtyard, the hacienda style rooms, and the HORSES. There are 3 different areas for meals: veranda for breakfast, outside and under the trees on picnic benches for lunch, dining room set w/ candles for dinner. The first night they served fajitas on black iron plates in the shape of a pig. The owner is Swiss and her attention to details is apparent everywhere: use of vibrant hot Mexican colors, the comfortable living room areas with matching and contrasting sofas & chairs, rich, warm colors throughout the ranch done in Mexican style, stunning polished pewter heat containers w/ alcohol giving off large flames. Sitting in the inner courtyard, feeling the sun on your face, listening to the fountain in the center of the patio all added to relaxation and serenity. The infinity pool and hot tub overlooking the land awaits.

A very international crowd speaking Spanish, Dutch and German, of airline personnel coming in for the day or overnight. They added gaiety to conversations. The first ride I took was interesting: the wrangler spoke very little English but knew the word: READY. When he thought all the riders were collected he turned around and said READY, to which my horse ascended into a nice canter but quickly was at a charging gallop and never stopped until the wrangler held his hand up indicating STOP. That was a good introduction to the week ahead. Over fields of oats and alfalfa, barren corn fields, watching sheep being herded, clip clopping sounds riding thru tiny villages of cinder block houses, meandering thru meadows and splashing through streams in the fresh air. No pollution here, except for the dust kicked up from pounding hooves and very few cars and small motor cycles. Sometimes we were riding up high hills with grand panoramas of a horse breeding facility, cows crossing streams as far as you could see, sectioned off plots of land waiting for the growing season once again. Life seemed to have stopped and we were 100 years back in time.

One beautiful surprise and a highlight for me was after a 3 hour morning ride we turned into what looked like a park set up w/ tables set under the trees and bright tablecloths. One of the riders said, Oh look-a wedding. We tied up all the horses in a row and what did we see? The kitchen crew who had set up the tables for our sabrosa comida of chicken, rice, and pineapple w/ cold beer waiting to wash it down. The sun was blasting, everyone in jeans, laughing and enjoying what surely was a real treat. After lunch a short walk led to the smoke and thunder of cascading waterfalls.

The night sky was filled w/ stars you could almost reach out and touch. Very, very quiet-perfect sleeping after wonderfully long days in the saddle. New friends, new vistas, new surroundings all rounding out a horseman’s dream week.

– Gail G.