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Peru’s Machu Picchu Inn to Inn Trail Ride“This trip changed my life!” – that’s what most clients say. You will ride on an ancient Inca trail, only accessible on foot or by horseback. Seeing the plains and high mountains offers you not only a firsthand experience with the lovely Quechua people and the ancient Incan traditions, but an intimate portrait of life and travel on the Inca Trail as well as a tour of the ancient city of Machu Picchu.

During the ride you will pass through lush valleys, cross gurgling streams and pass between the peaks of Humantay and Salkantay mountains, the highest elevation on the ride rounding out at 15,000 feet. You’ll see Quechua villages, llamas, alpacas and if you look up, the mighty condor.

The horses are Peruvian Quarter Horses and you will find them to be the only suitable mount for this rugged terrain. Each night your accommodations on the ride are in private, well appointed luxury eco lodges.

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Special Dates: (7 day / 6 night program)  March 24-30, 2017 and Nov. 22-28, 2017
Special Rate: $3,490.00 USD per person sharing (Single Supplement: $698.00 USD)

Regular Dates: (7 day / 6 night program)
2017:  April 19-25, May 26, June 1, June 14-20, July 13-19, Aug. 6-12, Aug. 23-29, Sept. 15-21, Oct. 25-31, Dec. 30-Jan. 5
***Other dates available on request for a minimum of 2 riders.
Regular Rate: $3,990.00 USD per person sharing (Single Supplement: $798.00 USD)

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You ask for feedback and that is easy because everything was exceptional; the horses, lodges, cooks, food and all of those who helped us on the trail.  I particularly appreciate their knowledge, gaiety, horsemanship, concern for our safety and mostly their generosity of spirit.  It is clear that they love the mountains and the Inca heritage and they passed it on to us in an easy and authentic way.  I felt close to the mountain gods and to our wonderful group.  It was fun, inspiring and a little crazy in the best way.  You and they have a gift for making people comfortable and for that and much more, I thank you.
– Penny F.

We had the most fantastic trip. It was amazing and we are changed in the best ways…slower, clearer and calmer.

You should know that this was perhaps the safest trek we have been on. Our guide Antonio is a terrific horseman as well as guide and marvelous human being. The horses are the fittest, safest and happiest horses we have ever come across. Our group became family as did Antonio and his talented colleagues.

The rarified air and Salkantay Mountain are now part of our DNA.

Thank you for all your help. Kudos!
– Pam and Francois

Hi Stacey:
I had the time of my life on this trip! You were absolutely right. There were only 5 of us and we had the best guide you could have imagined. The extra night in Machu Picchu was so smart and I was there for Winter Solstice which was very special. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the ride, the people, the food, the scenery and so much more. Very well worth the wait to find the right trip and the weather was amazing.

– Julie

There is so much to say about an Active Travel Riding trip to Peru… the most difficult part is summarizing the highlights in a few paragraphs.

There are the small details: warm tea waiting for you at the lodges when you come in from the trail, friendly staff available to welcome you and tell you about the culture, the land, the lodge, or describe the delicious local food that’s been laid out for you, the hot tubs overlooking the mountains, where you can soak your tired legs after a day on the breathtaking trails… the list is endless.

Of course, that doesn’t even take in consideration the bigger details: the views are simply breathtaking, from mountains to blue glass lakes, to the sun beaming down on Macchu Picchu. Galloping through a field on horseback with the Andes Mountains towering above you is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Simply put, every detail has been thought of, and every aspect of this trip is truly ideal. It’s as if Mother Nature and Mountain Lodges of Peru conspired to create the perfect experience, whether on horseback or on foot – and Active Travel is there to bestow this gift upon us, as travelers – and it’s an opportunity that simply shouldn’t be missed!

– Amber H.

I don’t even know where to begin – that was the most incredible trip of my life. Machu Picchu was fantastic, but every detail of the journey getting there is what’s etched in my memory forever. You were so right about Guido and Ricardo – they are the best! They both watched out for me when I had a bit of trouble hiking at 15,000 feet and cantering at an uncomfortable speed. With only four of us riding, Ricardo could ride faster with the rest of my family and Guido went a little slower with me. The trail to the Andean Cross wasn’t that steep and I know I could have done it easily at home (5,430 feet); however, at 15,200 feet it would have been very difficult for me and would have taken too long. Ricardo let me sit on my horse and he walked us up to the very last turn – I walked all the way down with no trouble. At the top was Santos who included us in an offering to Apu – what a wonderful experience. I’m convinced it was Santos’ offering who brought the condor to see us and also provided excellent weather every day of our trip!

Thank you again for providing us with the experience of a lifetime!

– Diane

My trip to the Andes went way beyond my expectations. Mountain Lodges is the best run, most organized outfit I have ever dealt with. Everything ran like clock-work. The lodges are amazing, and I still can’t believe the meals. Guido was a wonderful guide, and every member of the staff at the equestrian center and the lodges went above and beyond to make sure everyone was safe and had a good time.

The horses were so fit and well taken care of. Thanks for all your help, and keep me on your mailing list. I still have some vacation hours left!

– Valerie C.

Guido, our guide, was just fantastic, and deals with any problem as if it is no problem. He is superb.

The lodges were quite a surprise, as I was expecting remote accommodations to be pretty primitive. Just the opposite. They could be a destination in themselves. Simply gorgeous. And I also had no idea that we would have the chef traveling with us and all meals would be exquisite, beautiful, gourmet and over the top service. The whole staff of Mountain Lodges was five star.

The horses were good, fit, and well taken care of, thanks to Ricardo and Oscar, who I now call Puma, because of the way he bounds up mountains on foot, short-cutting the trails.

I had a great time! And I’m glad I did it on a horse, instead of trekking!

– Janette S.

Nine of us rode the five-day Salkantay Trail ride, sponsored by Mountain Lodges of Peru (MLP), starting at the Coronilla Horse Ranch northwest of Cusco, Peru, to the beginning of the Llactapata Inca Trail. We booked with Stacey Adams, Active Travel, Inc. 800-973-3221. We rode about 70 km through the Andes mountains over the 15,213 foot Salkantay Pass and then down into the high jungle on the Santa Teresa river valley. On route we stayed overnight at four amazing eco-lodges built by MLP – Soray, Wayra, Colpa and Lucma Lodge.

The horses, the guide, the doctor, the grooms, the lodges, the food and the staff were all amazing. There were Jacuzzi hot tubs and spas/massage therapists at each lodge which was wonderful after four or five hours in the saddle. The endurance saddles were very comfortable.

All of our meals at the lodges were gourmet and presented beautifully. Three of our grooms walked the trail with us and were instantly available for assistance.

There were extra activities at each lodge – Quechan dancing, an orchid garden, a pisco sour drink demo, a causa cooking lesson from Rosa (a seasoned mashed potato terrine, stuffed with tuna, egg, chicken and avocado and served cold as a starter), and a family, organic coffee plantation. We were able to purchase gorgeous alpaca textile items from local Quechan artisans. We visited a guinea pig farm and had roasted cuy (guinea pig) at the Colpa Lodge. We also had a traditional Pachamanca meal – meat and potatoes layered with plantain, Andean grass and herbs and cooked in the ground with hot stones.

Despite the forecast when we left home the weather was very nice; we had some light rain at lunch on day four and it rained for a couple of hours on day five but we had our ponchos and it was warm. I had an amazing Arabian mare, Alkira, who had a great walk and canter. She was very keen so the hardest thing was keeping a horse length between her and the horse in front. All of the horses were wonderful – extremely fit, surefooted, and happy to do their job and look after their riders.

I have so much praise and appreciation for Antonio, our guide, Olintho, the doctor, and the grooms – Oscar, Eddie, Florentino and Trujillo. They looked after us and ensured that we were safe and happy at all times. It was an amazing journey – physically, spiritually and culturally.

This was the journey of a lifetime.

– Carolyn O.